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Allows you to organize all your staff members Attendance & Time Keeping. Clever QR scanning for check in and check out time. Online portal to manage your absence, sick leave and annual leave. Send weekly or monthly rota to all your staff. Sends notification if staff doesn’t Check in on time.

GPS Tagging give the geographical location of where the staff members check in and check out from. Clever reporting which will produce all the working hour report at the end of the month in order to process payslips.

Works with Tablets, Smartphone, Mac and PC.

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One of the most crucial part of any ecommerce business that sells products is picking and packing. Some firms do bulk picking and then pack those items on a packing station but other pick and pack a single item at a time.

There are many apps that boost that they have the perfect solution for picking and packing but the bitter fact is there is no such thing as perfect solution because each ecommerce business has their own requirements.

We have complied our 9 years of picking and packing experience and come up with this app. We believe it will make life easy for our fellow pickers & packers. We have tried to include everything that we feel is required to have smooth operation, but I am sure other won’t agree and very soon it will be pointed out to us that we don’t have this or that feature.

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