Seamless calculation for your eCommerce Business. Semlis works out your profit margin on items you sell, it will tell you if an item is making a loss or profit. No more excel sheet and guesswork. Our complex algorithm does all the work for you, with a simple click you can change the prices across multiple sales channels. Prices changes from suppliers could cost you days of work but with semlis it can be done in minutes with no effort.

It doesn’t stop there you can edit the title and the changes will be reflected across. All the fees can be easily adjusted to your liking. It has a clever reporting system which will point out the item selling at loss.


-Synchronize information between Semlis and Linnworks
-Look up and update product details in the Linnworks Inventory
-Easily determine the Profit/Lost of each product

Setting Up Semlis

The following Pdf will demonstrate a step by step guide on how to setup Semlis

Download (PDF)


Postage and Other Setup


Import and Export

Bulk Price Update

Price Checker